Working with your master thesis

In the last year of your master study you will write a master's thesis on a topic in your study discipline. All master theses shall have a uniform front page. Furthermore we ask students to follow the guidelines for writing references set out on the links below.

The Library for geosciences is located in the Science Library in Vilhelm Bjerknes' hus. Here you can find work places, group rooms, and library resources. You may also print, scan and take copies.

The Geoscience Library is located in The Science Library, located in Vilhelm Bjerknes' hus. Here you find work places, group rooms, and library resources. You may also print, scan and take copies.

Master thesis front pages

Use the standard front page templates (NO and ENG) from the MN-Faculty, available formats are; Word and LaTex. The Department of Geosciences does no longer use the old templates with a green left column at the front page.

Go to the front pages templates from the MN-Faculty.

There are no rules about font type or size, but please note that the department only pays for a maximum of 20 colour pages when your thesis is printed.

Click here for more information with concerns to the printing of your thesis.

Guidelines for writing references

Scholars and students around the world are required to quote their sources. Citation is a part of academic research and a form of intellectual tidiness. References allow us to share knowledge and compare sources. Students should always state what is their own contribution and that of others. In this way, information can be checked and tested.

Good references are a way to avoid plagiarism, as well as to show the author's reasoning.

Read more about citation and references here:

IT- services

Read more about the IT- services at the Department of Geosciences from here: (Norwegian)

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