Master programme: Master studies agreement and other applications

All master students at the Department of Geosciences must hand in a formal application for approval of their master studies, a master studies agreement (study plan) in their second semester.

On this page you will find the master studies agreement, as well as other application forms and information relevant to your Master of Science studies at the Department of Geosciences.

A group of students standing in front of Festningen at Svalbard, a small islet in Grønfjorden at Svalbard. Photo: Hans Arne Nakrem, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo

Students from the Department of Geosciences, UiO on a field trip at Festningen, Spitsbergen (Svalbard). Photo: Hans Arne Nakrem, NHM/UiO

The following application forms are located here:

Master studies agreement (study plan)

The master studies agreement is an agreement between the master’s student, their contact at the department, their supervisor(s) and the programme board. The agreement concerns the mutual rights and obligations of each party involved in the student’s master’s studies. 

The study plan consists of an application form and an attached summary of the proposed master thesis (project description).

The study plan must be submitted after admission to the master’s programme in the second semester of the programme. The deadline for submitting the study plan is 25 January (15 May for the discipline Petroleum with short thesis). The admission can be revoked if the study plan is not submitted in time. 

Submit the application to the student administration in room 206. 

Application form:

  • English: PDF
  • Norwegian, bokmål: PDF
  • Norwegian, nynorsk: PDF

Changing your study plan

If you would like to change the content of your master’s study agreement, you have to submit an application to the programme board. The application form must be signed by you and your supervisor(s).

The application must be submitted to the student administration before any changes are made, and no later than 3 months prior to handing in your master’s thesis. All changes to your master’s agreement must be approved by the Programme Board, and you are responsible for applying for these changes.

Application form:

  • English: PDF

Special syllabus

If the special syllabus was not a part of your approved application for approval of master’s studies contract, you need to submit an application for change of study plan together with your application for special syllabus. Please do not submit this later than 1 month before the special syllabus examination and at least 3 months before your thesis submission deadline. You will be notified of the results of your application after the Programme Board has made their decision Please note that you may not take the special syllabus examination if the application is either not submitted or has been rejected.

The special syllabus must be part of the approved master’s contract, and cannot be taken as a single course.

For more information regarding the special syllabus content, see the local regulations issued by the Programme Board at the Department of Geosciences.

Application form:

Recognition of external education (for use in MSc programme)

If you are admitted to the master programme and have completed master’s level courses at academic insitutions outside the University of Oslo, you may apply to have these courses recognised as part of your degree. Hand in the application to the student administration.

This applies only to MSc students at the Department of Geosciences. Bachelor’s students should refer to the recognition pages for the bachelor programmes.

Application form:

  • English: PDF
  • Norwegian: PDF 

Expense support related to the MSc thesis

Students at the master’s programme in Geosciences can apply to get expenses up to NOK 10.000,- for field work, lab work or similar activity, directly related to work with the master’s thesis, covered. Expenses related to equipment like compass, shovels, etc., and expenses indirectly related to work with the master thesis (conference fee and travel to conference) are not covered.

All students who wish to apply to have their expenses covered, must submit an application prior to the field/lab work. Submit your application together with the master study agreement if possible (ref. point 9 in the contract), if not, as soon as possible and at least one month prior to the field/lab work.

The application must state what kind of expenses you wish to get covered and their approximate amount (budget). You will have to cover the expenses yourself and after your field trip/lab work, submit an expense refund form (link below) together with the original receipts (copies will not be accepted). The receipts must clearly show: the payment basis = the nature of the expense and the payment confirmation = the fact that the amount has been paid.

Both the application and the expense refund form should be submitted to the student administration, where you will also get the result of your application.

1. Submit prior to field work/lab:

Application form:

2. Submit after field work/lab (requires approved application):

Refund form:


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