Published Feb. 8, 2018 3:49 PM

The Studies administration at the Department of Geosciences will be closed Tuesday February 13. The studies administration will be open as usual in the following Wednesday (12.00-14.30).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for you.

Regards Studies administration/GEO

Published Jan. 19, 2018 12:46 PM

We wish to remind those of you starting your master studies in Geosciences, autumn 2017 of the upcoming submission deadline for the application for approval of master study agreement.

The deadline is 25 January (15 May for PET-students only). 

Please find the contract and more information here:

The contract must be submitted in original form. 

If you have any questions, please take contact with us!

Yours sincerely, 
Study administration 
Department of Geosciences


Published Oct. 25, 2017 11:38 AM

Are you a master student in Petroleum Geosciences? - Nasjonal forskerskole i petroleumsfag / Petroleum Research School of Norway will have a One-Day-Seminar, November 16th, 2017. As master student you can apply for attending the seminar. 

Red more about the profile for the seminar here:...

Published Oct. 24, 2017 9:00 AM

Studiebarometeret is a national survey asking students about their satisfaction with the programme they are following.

How to answer the survey

A personal link to the survey is sent to 2nd and 5th year students. You can answer the survey using the link you have received on e-mail or SMS with an invitation.

The results are published at


Published Oct. 10, 2017 10:10 AM

In English!: Deadline for application for studies in the spring semester 2018 at UNIS - The University Centre in Svalbard is October 15, 2017.

Universitetssenteret på Svalbard (UNIS) tilbyr spennende studiemuligheter som er relevante for mange GEO-studenter.

Som student på et relevant studieprogram kan du tilbringe fra noen uker til et helt semester på Svalbard. Universitetssenteret på Svalbard (UNIS) tilbyr...

Published Sep. 15, 2017 11:01 AM
Floor plan for the new learning environment center in the ZEB building. Construction plan: Estate Department/ UiO

Building of a new learning environment center in the ZEB building

In the premises of the former SiO canteen in the ZEB building (BL21) vis-à-vis the Geology building, will students in geosciences, pharmacy and music get a new meeting place.

The Estate Department commenced the construction work in August, and they expect to finish the new center in December (week 51).


Published Aug. 25, 2017 2:29 PM
Published Aug. 15, 2017 6:16 PM

Dear new master student at the master programme in Geosciences.

The PowerPoint-presentation from the today's information/orientation meeting can be accessed here: 

Please remember to apply for classes and examination within 17 August, and confirm your educational plan + pay the semester fee within 1 September.

If you have any questions, please take contact with us at:


Yours sincerely,

Study administration
Department of Geosciences


Published Aug. 14, 2017 1:11 PM

The Studies administrationat the Departmentof Geoscienceswill be closed Friday August 18 (week 33).

We apologize for anyinconveniencethis may cause for you.

The studies administration will be open as usual in the following week 34, like this Tuesday to Thursday from 12.00-14.30 and Friday 12.00 to 14.00.

SincerelyStudies administration GEO

Published June 23, 2017 11:05 AM

Welcome to all new MSc students at the master programme in Geosciences!

Tuesday 15 August at 10:15 - 14:00 there will be a mandatory information meeting for all new master students in Geosciences, in Auditorium 1, in the Chemistry building.

In this meeting you will get more information about the study start activities for you as new MSc student and important deadlines autumn 2017. 

Please note that the information meeting / and some activities at the study start programme are mandatory for you to attend on.

Questions? Contact us at ...

Published May 18, 2017 11:47 AM

There will be a national conference "Geofaredagen" 19-20 October 2017, at NGI, Oslo. This conference will be a meeting place for students and people working with geohazard, and lecturerers in geohazards in academia. Master- and PhD students from the Department of Geosciences in the subjects / programme options 'Geohazard' and 'Physical Geography, Hydrology and Geomatics' working with geohazard in their thesis are inviited to participate. 

The conference is in Norwegian but contributions in English will be accepted. Find more information about the Geofaredagen in this pamphlet (pdf. in Norwegian).

Department of Geosciences is one of the conference organizers.

Published Apr. 6, 2017 4:52 PM

The Studies administrationat the Departmentof Geoscienceswill be closedin the Easter Week from 10th to 17th of April. Feel free to send us an email at

The office will be open as normal Tuesday 18 April, normal opening hours.

We apologize for anyinconveniencethis may cause for you.

SincerelyStudies administration/GEO

Published Mar. 17, 2017 3:32 PM

Welcome to a information meeting Thursday 23.3 about studies at UNIS - The University Centre in Svalbard. The information meeting is arranged by the MN-faculty.

Welcome to the information meeting Thursday 23. Mars in Aud. 4 in Vilhelm Bjerknes House (VB) at 17:15-18:30 about studies at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS).

Pizza is served from 17:00!

The informatio...