Economic Evaluation in Healthcare

3rd Semester Courses

Mandatory Courses (2):

HEVAL5130-Modeling in economic evaluation II

HEVAL5140-Methods for estimating the effects of interventions


Complementary Courses (2 or 3 out of 4):

HEVAL5110-Valuing Health (not offered fall 2017)

HEVAL5150-Decision making under risk and uncertainty

HEVAL5200-Topics in economic evaluation

HMET5140-Non-parametric methods


Complementary Courses (1 out of 2):


HMAN5150-Management in practice (HR-management) (not offered fall 2017)


Elective Course (1):

HMAN5140 - Topics in Priority Setting

HMAN5160 - Integrated Care Models

HMAN5170 - Evidence Based Policy Formulation

HLAW5110 - Labour Market Regulations

HECON5200 - Topics in Health Economics II

HFIN5200 - Topics in Finance

HLAW5200 - Topics in Health Law

HMET5200 - Topics in Statistics

You may also choose a complementary course, as an elective, if not already chosen.

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