Learning outcomes

New Learning outcomes for students attending this study programme from fall 2018

General learning outcomes

• In-depth knowledge of a broad range of methods and techniques for analysing and solving problems within applicable fields.
• Good theoretical insight and the ability to apply theory to the development of methods and techniques for solving a problem.

Target knowledge and understanding

• In-depth knowledge within a specific mathematical primary field.
• In-depth knowledge of fields that border on your chosen speciality.

Target skills

• The ability to tackle complex problems, reveal structures and clarify problems, discover suitable analytical and/or numerical methods and interpret solutions.
• Good practical skills in the use of relevant software.
• The ability to work with other academic specialists, not necessarily from your own discipline.
• The ability to express yourself in a precise and scientific manner, in both written and spoken Norwegian and English.
• The ability to make active use of existing literature to access the work of others and use this to support your own work.

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