Guest student to external courses

It is possible to take the optional courses in your master's degree in Peace and Conflict studies at other Departments/Faculties at the UiO. You may also attend courses at other Universities/University colleges in Norway.


  • the course must be on a master's degree level
  • the course must be relevant for your thesis
  • you must fulfill the course's formal prerequisite knowledge

How to find relevant courses

You yourself will be responsible for finding information about the course. Here you will find UiO courses that are offered in English. Lists of universities/university colleges in Norway can be found on several web pages, such as:

How to apply

Please send an e-mail with the course code and the name of the course, a brief description of the course and an explanation of why you think it is relevant for your master's degree. Please include your student number and your full name.

When can you expect a reply?

You will receive a reply from the department's administration within a short time, on whether the course will be approved, and how you sign up for the course. You will not have access to sign up for teaching and examination in external course(s) in Studentweb unless the course(s) has been approved by the administration.

Please note that some master's degree courses have a limited number of places, and that it may take some time before you will get a reply on whether you have been granted a place.

Published Dec. 11, 2015 2:30 PM - Last modified Apr. 4, 2016 1:41 PM