Learning outcomes

New Learning outcomes for students attending this study programme from fall 2018

Learning outcome for students attending this study programme in 2017 or earlier

A Master’s degree in Physics entails becoming part of a project on the international research front. Through participation in a specialised research group, you will develop research experience, knowledge and skills, as well as develop an academic network.

Target knowledge and understanding

• Understanding and insight into physics on an advanced level.
• Knowledge of advanced analytical methods (mathematics and statistics).
• General insight into scientific work.

Target skills

• The ability to work with analytical and numerical methods.
• Use calibration and measuring instruments for sometimes highly advanced experiments.
• The ability to evaluate and analyse scientific measurement data.
• The ability to critically evaluate measurement equipment and error sources.
• To be able to use professional computer equipment.
• The ability to use complicated analytical models and advanced program packages.
• To be able to write new computer programs.
• To be able to write in a structured and critical manner.
• The ability to work both independently and in a group.

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