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About Studentweb

Studentweb is an Internet service for students at UiO. In Studentweb you can register your study progression and see what is registered about you as a student.

Log in to Studentweb

To enable you to log on, the computer/mobile phone/tablet you use must have JavaScript installed and activated.

How to log in

  • With username and password (Feide):  Read about how to find your user name and password.To be able to log in with a username and password, you must currently be admitted to a course or specific programme of study.
  • With ID portal - a secure login solution using electronic identification from MinID, BankID, Buypass and Commfides. In order to use the ID portal you must have a Norwegian ID number or a D-number.
  • With Norwegian ID-number and a PIN-code
    • Both current ('new') and earlier ('old') students may log in by using their Norwegian ID-number and a PIN-code
    • You can order a new PIN-code on the log in page for Studentweb and have it sent by email to your UiO email address or the private email address you submitted when applying to study at UiO. If your email address is not registered at UiO, contact Knutepunktet
    • You can obtain your PIN-code from the faculty’s information centre or at Knutepunktet by showing valid identification.

The Studentweb service is encrypted

Information you provide is sent in an encrypted form and cannot be read by anyone else beside you and the contact person at UiO.


Contact the faculty's information centre

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