Special needs

Students who have a disability, dyslexia or medical condition placing them at a disadvantage in their studies can be provided with special needs provisions for their everyday study situation and for examinations. 

Special needs for everyday study situation

Please contact your faculty as early as possible in the semester if you require adaptation for your everyday study situation.

Special examination arrangements

If your disability or state of health results in substantial disadvantages in the examination situation, special examination arrangements can be made.

Application deadline: 1 February for the spring semester and 1 September for the autumn semester.

Physical accessibility

Below each map, you will find information about accessibility in the building: restroom, HC toilet, parking.

Leave of absence and reduced study progression

In some situations you may need to apply for leave of absence from your programme of study, or you may require reduced study progression for a period. Perhaps you have had a baby, or you have to do compulsory military service, or you are suffering from long-term illness.