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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Miona Abe Abe, Miona Higher Executive Officer 2285 6093 Accounting, Billing, Salaries, Procurement
Picture of Alexander Bielicki Bielicki, Alexander Lecturer +47-22854835
Picture of Darrin Joseph Corbin Corbin, Darrin Joseph Senior Executive Officer +47-22857083 Admission, classroom management, Felles studentsystem (FS) / Joint student database, Norwegian for Academics (NORA), Examinations
Picture of Sissel Drevsjø Drevsjø, Sissel Head of Office +47-22856280 +47-93029992 Administrative management; Finance, HR, Recruiting, Reporting, IT
Picture of Inger Egebakken Egebakken, Inger Administrative Manager +47-22856389 Norwegian for International Researchers, Norwegian for Academics (NORA)
Picture of Michelle Fredrickson Fredrickson, Michelle Senior Administrative Assistant (+1) 507 786 3269 US Branch Office student inquiries, applications and admission
Picture of Torild Homstad Homstad, Torild Administrator (+1) 507 786 3269 Head of US Branch Office, Recruitment, Admission
Picture of Nita Kapoor Kapoor, Nita Director +47-22857082 Overall responsibility for the ISS, Academics & Admission, Faculty, Public Relations, Scholarships, Administrative partners
Kolstad, Roger Lecturer
Picture of Svetla T. Kovatcheva Kovatcheva, Svetla T. Lecturer +47-95804737 Norwegian for International Researchers, Norwegian for Academics (NORA), Norwegian for Academics (NORA), International Summer School (ISS), Nordic Branding
Kulland, Bente Lecturer
Ledang, Gullbjørg Lecturer
Picture of Turi Lindalen Lindalen, Turi Higher Executive Officer +47-22856388 Web editor, information materials (website and in-house publications), student inquiries, applications and admission, administrative support to staff and faculty
Picture of Harald Balstad Magnussen Magnussen, Harald Balstad Higher Executive Officer +47-22856088 accounting, billing, salaries
Picture of Karoline Niklasson Niklasson, Karoline Higher Executive Officer 22856385 56385
Picture of Gunnar Olsen Olsen, Gunnar Lecturer
Rysst, Cathrine Lecturer
Picture of Jeanne Sanderson Sanderson, Jeanne Higher Executive Officer +47-22854028 Management of Test Services
Sandvei, Johan-Marius Lecturer
Skuggevik, Erik Lecturer
Picture of Torill Susanne Storvestre Storvestre, Torill Susanne Lecturer
Tysse, Asbjørn Johan Lecturer