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How to apply to the International Summer School

You can apply online for the 2015 International Summer School after November 15.

First day of class: June 22, last day: July 30. Registration day: June 20.

1. Are you qualified to apply?

See if you are qualified to apply to the International Summer School. Admission requirements are different for Master's and Bachelor's courses.

2. How to finance your participation

Before applying, review the ISS program fees and scholarship information. The deadline for scholarship applicants is 1 February, and we have rolling admissions for self-paying applicants.

3. Gather documents and apply online

Gather all the documents that the ISS requires and upload them on Søknadsweb, our online application portal. Søknadsweb will be open for applications beginning 15 November. 

4. Pay the application fee

If you are sending your application to the Oslo office, remember to pay the application fee. If you are from USA or Canada, remember to mail a check or money order to our North American Branch Office.

5. Final result 

Application results are announced depending on the category of the applicant. All applicants will receive an email with their final result. 


Published Oct 26, 2011 02:42 PM - Last modified Oct 21, 2014 10:21 AM