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How to apply to the International Summer School

The February 1 deadline for scholarship applicants has now passed. It is now only possible to apply as a self-financed applicant.

Apply now! First day of class: June 22. Last day of exams: July 30.

1. Are you eligible to apply?

See if you are qualified to apply to the International Summer School. Admission requirements are different for Master's and Bachelor's courses. 



Before applying, review the ISS program fees and scholarship information. The deadline for scholarship applicants is February 1, and the deadline for self-financing applicants is March 15.

2. Gather documents


What kind of documentation you need to submit depends on whether or not you are applying for a scholarship.

See documentation requirements for:

 Self-financed applicants

 Former students at the University of Oslo

What do we mean by "self-financed"?

3. Apply online

Register your application in SøknadsWeb - the University of Oslo's online application system.

  • Please enter your name exactly as it is written in your passport.
  • Please use one email address to avoid creating multiple user IDs/applications.
  • Make sure that you apply for the correct type: Scholarship/Self-financing, on-campus/off-campus.
  • Upload your required supporting documents by the deadline.
  • If you need help, see our guide to applying in Søknadsweb.
  Apply now!

Your application will be considered invalid if you have not uploaded all supporting documents by the deadline. Invalid applications will not be processed.

4. Final result

     Application results are announced depending on the category of the applicant. All applicants will receive an email with their final result.


Published Oct 31, 2014 02:23 PM - Last modified Feb 2, 2015 01:06 PM