IT services at ISS

Get access to IT services, username and password

  • New or returning ISS course leaders must contact Office Manager Sissel Drevsjø (sissel.drevsjo@iss.uio.nono later than June 1, to obtain an account or to update an existing account.
  • All employees must have a UiO username and password in order to utilize the on-campus IT services. 
  • In order to access the internet, show PowerPoint presentations, or use projectors, Fronter and other IT services, you must have a UiO username and password. 
  • Guest lecturers without a UiO username and password will not be able to log onto computers in the classrooms to show PowerPoint presentations, websites, videos, etc.

Inspera course and IT help

30-minute Inspera course and IT help session will be held on Monday, June 26 2017, 14:00, at PC-lab 1250 in Kristine Bonnevies hus, for all course leaders and assistants. We strongly recommend all teaching staff attend this session. We will cover the basics of Inspera, UiO's digital exams portal, and it will also be an opportunity to get help with any questions regarding IT.

The UiO network

When registered in the UiO system you will be provided with your own server area on the UiO network. You may log on to any on-campus computers with your username and password. When logged on, you may access your server area.

All employees are required to read the rules for the use of IT services at the University of Oslo.

Forgotten your password?

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Computers in faculty room

The faculty room includes a few Windows-based PCs, which faculty members can log onto with their UiO username and password.

Accessing Fronter

  • UiO offers a guide and user support in English and in Norwegian.
  • The ISS Office cannot help you manage the day-to-day work with your Fronter room, but we can assist you if you have problems or questions.
  • Go to the fronter login site and enter your UiO username and password. If your password has expired, you must contact UiO IT Support at USIT.
  • Students will be able to access Fronter until the beginning of October and download materials even after they have returned home.
  • If you used Fronter last summer, you can re-use your room and documents. You will see only the room(s) you have been given access to. All of your documents from last year will still be in the room. It is your responsibility to delete any unwanted materials/posts before the start of the session.
  • ISS staff only administers access to the relevant room(s) in Fronter. We do not alter the messages or materials that the course leaders or students post in the room.

Creating a room in Fronter

Every course offered at the ISS has a room in Fronter which is created by the ISS staff in advance of the summer. You will get access to the room a few weeks before the beginning of the summer session.

General IT guides

If you experience any problems, first consult these guides by the IT services. If you are unable to solve your problem, contact the ISS reception for assistance.


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