Semesterside for INF2440 - Vår 2018

Two students in the course have independently called to my attention that there is an error in the transpose() method that I use in my programs in uke 3.
I have now corrected the programs and uploaded the corrected versions to the course web site.

Note that the error has essentially no influence on the TIMING results (albeit the matrix multiplications are wrong, they essentially take the same time as the correct multiplications).

Sorry for the error :-(


21. feb. 2018 23:56

Lecture material for uke04 and uke05 uploaded.

I am STILL working on the recordings of the lectures :-(



19. feb. 2018 13:30

Oblig 2 uploaded.

Deadline is March 2nd, 2018 at 12 noon CET – that is 12:00:00 local time in Oslo.



16. feb. 2018 15:51

Ukeoppgave uke 3 uploaded

4. feb. 2018 12:07

The material used at the lecture in uke3 has been uploaded here.


2. feb. 2018 17:53

One of the TAs (gruppelærer), Magnus,  has written a summary in English of Oblig 1.

Enjoy :)


2. feb. 2018 17:25

You are to submit Oblig1 via the new Devilry:

INF2440 is one of only three courses that are using Devilry3 this semester, so we are testers of the new version. So expect some problems and bugs; please report any problems. Also, this means that we will be flexible, if there are problems.

Good luck and have fun :)



31. jan. 2018 17:52

The Devilry system is changing and there are some technical issues that must be resolved before we can open Devilry for submission. So if you do not see anything in Devilry, do not worry - it will come soon.



30. jan. 2018 16:54

Oblig 1 kan nå finnes i menyen til venstre.

The first mandatory assignment ca  be found in the menu to the left.

Deadline is February 9th, 2018 at 23:59 (that is one minute before midnight).

We are working on getting Oblig1 into Devilry, but due to changes in Devilry, we are awaiting that some technical issues are cleared up before publishing the oblig on Devilry. This should be within a day or two.

UPDATE: Done now - HOWEVER you must use the new Devilry3.



19. jan. 2018 13:54