Semesterside for INF3110 - Høst 2017

Mandatory exercise 2 is now out, with deadline on October 17. The task is to implement the same interpreter as you did in oblig 1, but this time using functional programming with SML. Download it here.

22. sep. 2017 12:30

Here are the exams from 2015 and 2016. Enjoy!

12. sep. 2017 11:41

Gruppetimen mandag 18. september er avlyst pga gruppelæreren er bortreist.
Det er muligheter for studentene å gå på en av de andre gruppetimene, tirsdag eller fredag. 

11. sep. 2017 19:23

The first oblig is out, download it here. Deadline September 19th.

29. aug. 2017 16:26

There were some requests last time for screencasts, so I have tried to make some for today's lecture. The quality leaves something to be desired, but hey, I've never done this before! :) There will be links from the lecture plan as soon as the uploads finish. Hope this helps those of you that are not able to attend the lectures. I would still strongly urge you to be at the lectures though, since part of the learning process is the interactivity that gets lost in these captures.


29. aug. 2017 15:05

Hi everyone, and welcome to the first lecture! On Tuesday, we will begin with a short intro to the course, and what you can expect to learn. Then, we'll move on to the subject matter proper, and talk about syntax and semantics of programming languages. 

Feel free to ask any questions you might have about the course. 

See you soon!

20. aug. 2017 19:18