Semesterside for INF3110 - Høst 2017

Part 1 : 

Exercises combining some of the curriculum about types and subtypes from Eyvind's lectures with 
some SML stuff and of course Prolog.

Some of these exercises are probably a little hard and goes a bit outside the normal exam exercises for Prolog in this course.

Check out old exams to see the normal difficulty of prolog exercises on the exams.

Link : Prolog exercise


Part 2 : 

Question 3 (a,b,c) in Exam 2015

There is an error in 3c Exam2015. The 3 and 5 value in the heap should be switched, so that the heap is actually a heap.

There will be a detailed solution available after a week or so.

7. nov. 2017 13:25

In class, the solution to last year's exam was requested. Here it is :)

31. okt. 2017 14:47


In the SML oblig 2 it says that you are not allowed to use assignments.

That means that you can't use mutable references (destructive updates) and assign new values to these.


val mutVar = ref 1;

mutVar := 2;


You are of course allowed to use variable bindings as in

val x = 1;




let val (a,b) in a+b end;

29. sep. 2017 17:07

Mandatory exercise 2 is now out, with deadline on October 17. The task is to implement the same interpreter as you did in oblig 1, but this time using functional programming with SML. Download it here.

22. sep. 2017 12:30

Here are the exams from 2015 and 2016. Enjoy!

12. sep. 2017 11:41

Gruppetimen mandag 18. september er avlyst pga gruppelæreren er bortreist.
Det er muligheter for studentene å gå på en av de andre gruppetimene, tirsdag eller fredag. 

11. sep. 2017 19:23

The first oblig is out, download it here. Deadline September 19th.

29. aug. 2017 16:26