Semesterside for INF5110 - Vår 2018

Today was a a discussion about a not-too-relevant footnote about the origin of Lisp-parentheses.


I did not surf too much, but here's some finds: the quotes of some

original paper in the following link'


seems to confirm what I said (namely that it was planned to add M-expression to the lisp S-expressions) but it never came around (or never gained acceptance).


The following one discusses that List-expressions are just a representation of ASTs




12. feb. 2018 13:21

Hi, I uploaded some hints (plus some ``discussion'') for exerce one. For a good solution at an exam, not so much text and explanations would generally be required, but I added some here.



7. feb. 2018 14:37

There was a missing line in the definition of regular languages in the handout. (In the slides it was ok). But that has been repaired on the handout as well.




17. jan. 2018 14:27