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Tjenester for Sensitive Data (TSD)

TSD gir forskere ved UiO og ved andre offentlige forskningsinstitusjoner en forskningsplattform som oppfyller lovens strenge krav til behandling og lagring av sensitive forskningsdata.

TSD driftslogg

  • [SOLVED] Problems getting jobs started on Colossus 16. apr. 2018 16:03

    Lately, the usage of Colossus has increased, and now usually every node is running jobs. This triggered a problem in the queue system, which basically prevented projects not already having a running job to get their jobs started.

    We have now developed a local fix to the queue system so that this no longer happens. The patch was applied today, and seems to work well. This means that now all projects should be able to get jobs started.

    The most user visible change is that if you use the command "pending" to view your project's pending jobs, the top jobs should now get an estimated start time (most of the time, at least).

  • Problems with fx (file import/export) 23. mars 2018 13:09

    We have recently detected problems with file import/export, and are currently working on solving this.

  • [SOLVED] TSD Maintenance Window Extended to 16. March 15. mars 2018 15:12

    Dear TSD user,

    The upgrade process is taking a bit longer than expected, and we are now working on the security checks. Due to this, we are extending the maintenance window to 16. March.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience.