NIX: Norwegian Internet eXhange

The term NIX is short for "Norwegian Internet eXchange" and refers to six independent exchange points for IP-traffic in Norway.

  • NIX1, at Gaustadalleen 23B, Hans Møller Gasmanns vei 9 and Digiplex Ulvenveien in Oslo
  • NIX2, at St Olavs plass 5 in downtown Oslo
  • BIX, in Bergen
  • TRDIX in Trondheim
  • TIX in Tromsø
  • SIX in Stavanger

All 6 IXPs are isolated, without any physical or logical interconnect. NIX1 is the primary site, With NIX2 the primary site for redundancy. The other sites are regional sites intented for regional redundancy.


Centre for Information Technology Services (USIT) , of the University of Oslo, is responsible for NIX.

More information about requirements and routines.

The NIX contract.

List of ISP's connected to NIX.

Traffic statistics for NIX1 and NIX2.

For more information, contact

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