NIX-meeting February 2016

Program for the NIX-Meeting February 4th 2016

Location: Professorboligen, Karl Johansgate 47, Oslo

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0900 Registration and coffee

A good start, with time for a chat

0930 Introduction and NIX-News

The NIX-staff will start the meeting and also inform about status and the plans for the near future.

0950 Euro-IX and PeeringDB 2.0 update

 An update on peering in Europe and elsewhere. And the new version of PeeringDB

1010 ISOC Norway

What is Internet Society, and why bother?

Maja Enes (ISOC Norway) will talk about the importance of an open and available Internet.

1030 Coffee-break

Time to mingle with your peers!

1100 CloudFlare

Marty Strong from CloudFlare will tell us how CloudFlare builds their network.

1130 YES or NO-NOG

Is there any interest for a NOG (Network Operators Group) in Norway?

Jan Zorz (ISOC) and Hans Petter Holen (RIPE Chair) will challenge us on this subject!

1200 Lunch

Served in the same building as the meeting is held. Bon appetitt! 


How the RIPE NCC can provide you with useful Internet Measurement Data

Mirjam Kuehne from RIPE NCC will present RIPE NCC, their tools, and some of the results and reports they have made.

1345 IPv6 in Public sector in Norway

DiFi will talk about the new regulations for use of IPv6 in the Public sector in Norway.

1400 More coffee

And some fruit to keep our brains working!

1430 Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent

Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent has just announced that the two companies will merge.

Rob Latooij will tell us more about this, and their technologies and a little about their products. Nokia / Alcatel-Lucent is a sponsor of this event, and a Euro-IX patron.

1500 Optical Transport Technology update

Andre Vink from MRV will present an Optical Transport Technology update

MRV is big in optical solutions and provide optical systems to many ISPs and IXPs worldwide. MRV is a sponsor of this event, and an Euro-IX patron!

1530 IPv4 as a service

How to move IPv4 out of the network with IPv6 (IPv4 as a service)

Ole Trøan will present a Cisco open source implementation.

1600 Roundup of the meeting

Time to summarize the day, and to decide when to meet again

1700 Dinner

We invite all attendees to a pub-style dinner after the meeting.

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Sponsors of this NIX-Meeting (Thanks!):