NIX-meeting May 2017

Program for the NIX-Meeting May 22nd 2017

Location: Professorboligen, Karl Johansgate 47, Oslo

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0900 Registration and coffee

A good start, with time for a chat

0930 Introductions

The NIX-staff will start the meeting and introduce the participants.

1000 NIX and Netnod news

News from NIX and Netnod.

1045 Coffee

Time to mingle with your peers!

1100 Euro-IX update

An update on peering in Europe and elsewhere.

1130 RIPE NCC. Tools for IXPs

Marco Hogewoning from RIPE NCC will tell us about some of the excelent tools that RIPE NCC has.

1215 Lunch

Served in the same building as the meeting is held. Bon appetitt! 

1300 - 1600 NONOG session sponsored by RIPE NCC

1300 Introduction to NONOG

1310 Presentation from Juniper Networks

1340 Open network automation

Fredrik Holmberg

1410 Coffee!

1430 Presentation 3

1500 IPv6 presentation

A presentation from a real life IPv6 implementation!

1530 Coffee

1540 The road ahead, NONOG  IPv6

1600 Roundup of the meeting

Time to summarize the day, and to decide when to meet again

1700 Dinner

We invite all attendees to a pub-style dinner after the meeting.

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