Persons tagged with «Social Psychology»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Adolfsson, Johanna Doctoral Research Fellow Social Psychology, Global South, Africa, Health and Development, Malawi, qualitative research
Andenæs, Agnes Professor +47 22845214 Cultural and Community Psychology, Methodology, Social Psychology
Blakar, Rolv Mikkel Professor Emeritus +47-22845182 +47-92421444 Cultural and Community Psychology, Social Psychology, Critical Psychology, Emeritus
Boos, Beverly +47 22845078 Social Psychology, Political Psychology, Identity, Kinship, Material culture, Conflict
Duckert, Fanny +47 22845609 +47 91541841 (mob) Social Psychology, Health psychology
Eftedal, Nikolai Haahjem Social Psychology
Eilertsen, Dag-Erik Associate Professor +47 22845208 +4790847221 (mob) Cognitive psychology, Social Psychology, Methodology, Personality psychology
Fischer, Nantje Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22845224 Health psychology, Social Psychology, Sexuality
Flagstad, Ingeborg Olsdatter Busterud PhD candidate Environmental psychology, social psychology, organisational psychology, culture and community psychology, sustainability, green changes, greening organisations
Hermansen, Tone Kristine Postdoctoral Fellow Developmental psychology, Cognitive psychology, Social Psychology
Ivanova, Anna Doctoral Research Fellow Health psychology, Preventive psychology, Social Psychology
Kirkebøen, Geir Professor +47 22845019 Social Psychology, Judgment and decision making
Kraft, Pål Professor +47 22845183 +47 41649258 Social Psychology
Kunst, Jonas R. Professor +47 22845069 Social Psychology, Cultural and Community Psychology
Kvalem, Ingela Lundin Professor +47 22845179 Social Psychology, Health psychology
Leknes, Siri Professor +47-92622872 Affect, Cognitive psychology, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Social Psychology
Moss, Sigrun Marie Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22845150 Cultural and Community Psychology, Social Psychology
Nafstad, Hilde Eileen Professor emeritus +47 92421444 (mob) Cultural and Community Psychology, Social Psychology, Critical Psychology
Natvig, Henrik Associate Professor +47 22845177 Social Psychology
Prendergast, Claire Researcher Social Psychology, Cultural and Community Psychology
Reber, Rolf Professor +47 22845186 Cognitive psychology, Social Psychology, Educational Psychology
Riege, Anine Cecilie Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22845249 Social psychology, Judgment and decision making
Schubert, Thomas Professor +4746299581 (mob) +47-46299581 Social Psychology
Seibt, Beate Head of Section - Method, Work, Cultural and Social Psychology +47-22845147 Social Psychology, Affective Science
Teigen, Karl Halvor Emeritus Judgment and decision making, Social Psychology, Emeritus
Thomsen, Lotte Professor +47-22845176 Social Psychology
Træen, Bente Professor +47-22845178 Health psychology, Social Psychology