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Publisert 16. juni 2019 22:12

On the Development of an Auditory Virtual Environment for Musical Applications

In the last few decades, the development of audio reproduction and spatialization techniques greatly benefits from composers whose pioneering work still inspires researchers to refine spatial audio systems (e.g. Stockhausen, Chowning, Boulez). However, novel spatialization tools developed by engineers and researchers hardly find their way from the developers' labs into the composition studios. To make future developments more applicable, researchers have to understand this current lack of coherence between development and artistic use.

In this talk, first, results of a quantitative study are presented and shows how composers use spatialization, what spatial aspects are essential and what functionalities spatial audio systems should strive to include or improve. Secondly, ViMiC (Virtual Microphone Control), a novel spatial rendering software is presented. ViMiC provides a computer-generated virtual environment for the purpose of creating spatial sounds scenes. Apart from positioning sound sources, other spatial aspects, such as source width, distance, and room impression, can be created in real-time, particularly for concert situations and site-specific immersive installations.

Violinist on stage.
Publisert 28. juli 2022 23:09

Transformation was an artistic research project exploring the use of realtime motion capture in violin performance. 

Image may contain: Electronic instrument, Text, Pianet, Piano, Music.
Publisert 1. juli 2010 16:52

The Jamoma GDIF tools are developed for recording and playing back GDIF files based on the SDIF format.

Musical Gestures Toolbox for Max
Publisert 8. mars 2010 10:17

This is a collection of modules and abstractions developed in and for the graphical programming environment Max/MSP/Jitter.