Persons tagged with «security»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Almløv, Steffen Works Coordinator +47 22855007 Security
Arshad, Hamed Doctoral Research Fellow security protocols, access control, authentication, cryptography, network security, formal methods, model checking, key agreement, privacy, security
Backsæther, Stig Rune Administrative Manager +47 22857536 +47 95194063 (mob) Security, Alarm Systems, Emergency preparedness, Management
Erdodi, Laszlo Postdoctoral Fellow security, ethical hacking, exploits
Framaas, Jan Tore Works Coordinator +47 22855007 Security
Gruschka, Nils Associate Professor +47 22840858 Security, Privacy
Holmestrand, Arild Hallèn Works Coordinator +47 22859938 +47 95721172 (mob) Security
Ibrahim, Younas Mohammad Works Coordinator +47 22855007 Security, Alarm Systems
Johansen, Christian Researcher +47 22850481 security, privacy, concurrency models, formal methods, safety verification, automated tools, logic in computer science, process algebras, semantics of programming languages, security ceremonies, access control
Jøsang, Audun Professor +47-22845524 +47-98431433 (mob) Security, Cybersecurity, Sikkerhet, Cybersikkerhet
Larsen, Morten Works Technician +47 22855007 Security
Mavroeidis, Vasileios Doctoral Research Fellow Security, Cybersecurity, Sikkerhet, Cybersikkerhet, Information Security
Olsen, Gunnar Works Coordinator Security
Ramberg, Trond Works Coordinator +47 22855007 Satefy Deputy, Security
Sandvik, Bente Works Technician +47 22859913 Security
Sjøthun, Steffen Gram Works Coordinator +47 22855007 Security
Sommervoll, Åvald Åslaugson Doctoral Research Fellow Security, Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithms, Cryptography
Steffen, Martin Professor +47 22850417 semantics, programming language theory, static analysis, verification, compiler construction, object-orientation, formal methods, concurrency, computer science, verification, PMA, program analysis, static analysis, compositionality, security, model checking, type systems
Sørlie, Trond Head Engineer +47 90254469 (mob) Security, Alarm Systems
Tønnesen, Knut Arne Elgesem Head Engineer +47 22857535 +47 91129027 (mob) Security
Zennaro, Fabio Massimo Postdoctoral Fellow Machine Learning, Security, Unsupervised Learning, Bayesian Learning, Causality, Sparsity, AI Safety