Persons tagged with «Strategy»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ellen Johanne Caesar Caesar, Ellen Johanne Director of Department +47 22856064 +47 92423393 Management, Corporate governance, Financial management, Strategy, Analysis
Picture of Hanna Ekeli Ekeli, Hanna Director of Department +47 22857436 +47 99001817 Administrative management, Strategy, Finance, HR system
Picture of Camilla Haugland Haugland, Camilla Senior Adviser +47 22856210 +47 95990640 Administrative management, Strategy, Admissions
Picture of Britt Amundsen  Hoel Hoel, Britt Amundsen Assistant director of Estates +47-91368921 Management, Estate Management, Financial Management, Strategy, Procurement, HR, Communications
Picture of Leif Johnny Johannessen Johannessen, Leif Johnny Assistant Director +47 91555072 Management, Strategy, Property management, Property development
Picture of Thomas Forslund Johnsen Johnsen, Thomas Forslund Senior Architect Property development, Strategy, Project management
Picture of Hege Elisabeth Løvbak Løvbak, Hege Elisabeth Administrative Manager Management, Strategy, Organisational development, Competence development
Picture of Eva Helene  Mjelde Mjelde, Eva Helene Assistant Director +47-22854339 +47-90015585 Management, Strategy, HR development
Picture of Johannes Falk Paulsen Paulsen, Johannes Falk Director of Department +47 22854057 +47 90687164 Strategy, Administrative IT systems, Corporate governance, Management, Corporate governance, Financial management, Strategy, Analysis
Picture of Berit Kolberg Rossiné Rossiné, Berit Kolberg Director of Department Communications, Strategy, Management
Picture of Anita Sandberg Sandberg, Anita Senior Adviser Strategy, Management, Organisational development
Picture of Irene Sandlie Sandlie, Irene Director of Personnel +47 22857472 +47 41680540 Regulations, Strategy, Facilitation
Picture of Kristin Fossum Stene Stene, Kristin Fossum Head of Office +47 22855548 +47 92433392 Administrative management, Strategy
Sundnes, Jonny Roar Senior Adviser +47 22857198 Regulations, Quality assurance system, Programme descriptions, Joint degrees, Strategy
Picture of Liv Dalen Tennøe Tennøe, Liv Dalen Section Manager +47 48247191 Strategy, Communications, Management
Picture of Idun Thorvaldsen Thorvaldsen, Idun Assistant Director +47 45600397 Strategy, Corporate governance, Financial management