Academic dugnad in the news

EAIE blog (15 November):

At EAIE Glasgow 2015, European international educators were confronted with the largest number of refugees since the Second World War, moving across the Mediterranean Sea and into European soil: Refugee education: start by picking low-hanging fruit

Rector's blog (9 November):

A recent report of the UN Refugee Agency highlights the challenge at hand: the report says that 1 % of refugee youth go to university. For youth around the world the corresponding figure is 34 %. This is a stark inequity that calls for collective action: Academic dugnad: joining forces for inclusion 

Al-Fanar Media (17 October):

Over the past year, many European universities have started up education programs in response to the continent’s refugee crisis: Europe’s Universities Respond to Refugee Crisis

Times Higher Education (13 September):

Amid the sudden rise in the number of refugees coming to Europe last autumn, the University of Oslo’s rector, Ole Petter Ottersen, made a call for a national “academic dugnad”: Refugee crisis presents challenges and opportunities for Europe’s universities

Times Higher Education (13 September):

With 55,000 potential Syrian students in Europe, universities are using a series of workarounds to prevent a ‘lost generation’: Europe’s universities open their doors to refugees

Al-Fanar Media (4 September):

Faced with a flood of refugees, Norway has tested a new fast-track procedure: Norway Develops “Qualifications Passport” for Refugees

Al-Fanar Media (17 June):

The challenges and opportunities of integrating refugees into European institutions for higher education were the focus of a two-day seminar held in Amsterdam on June 9 and 10: European Universities Seek to Integrate Refugees

Rector's blog (1 December 2015):

This is my opening speech at the Information Day for Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Welcome to the Academic Dugnad

EAIE blog (27 November 2015):

This is the final of a week-long coverage on refugees in Europe on the EAIE blog: Academic dugnad at the University of Oslo

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