International environmental, energy and resource management policy

Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI) specializes in research on international environmental, energy and resource management politics and is interested in getting in touch with Masters' students writing their theisis whithin the institute's focus areas.

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Project descripion

FNI activities include academic studies, contracts for research, investigations and evaluations.

Current research has seven focal points:


Students who apply must meet all the following basic requirements:

  • Must have a working knowledge of Norwegian language.
  • Must have a valid residence permit in Norway (FNI can not assist with this).
  • Must have a place to live in the Oslo area (FNI can not assist with this).
  • Must have own economic means (as FNI's modest economic support only covers a small part of the high living costs in Norway).

Please also note that scholarship holders must write their thesis at FNI. No scholarship can be given to students not physically present at FNI during the writing period.

For students writing theses on subjects that are deemed particularly relevant, FNI may offer (subject to approval of application) a scholarship scheme, including very modest economic support. The scheme is most typically applied for a period of 3-6 months, with a maximum limit of 12 months. Political science and Jurisprudence are the dominant disciplines at the UNI, but we are also interested in candidates from other relevant disciplines.

The application must contain a short project summary (preferably 1 page, a maximum of 5), CV and overview of the curriculum and grades. Please also provide the expected start-up for writing of the thesis, as well as submission deadline.

For applicants who are offered a scholarship, the start date and length of stay will be agreed upon after further dialogue.

Tags: Asia and Middle East Studies, Development Environment and Cultural Change, Development Geography, Modern International and Transnational History, Peace and Conflict Studies
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