Innovation and organization in a changing media landscape

News organizations in Norway and internationally are increasingly focused on innovating their news products, yet they struggle to keep a steady income and are continually forced to cut in expenditures and human resources. Based on field studies and action research in three Norwegian newspapers, the research project “OMEN: Organizing for Media Innovation” investigates how established media organizations deal with the need for innovation in an increasingly digitalized world.


Project description

OMEN is funded by the Norwegian Research Council, and allocated to the Work Research Institute (WRI) at the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA). The project aims at creating new insights on how to manage, organize and practice innovation and organizational developments in companies infused with the traditions, practices and legacy of the newspaper industry. The project investigates how innovation practices are constituted and enacted when their managing and organizing cannot be built upon more or less accurate forecasting or execution of design.

The master project

OMEN are looking to include three master students who are interested in doing a media related master project. The scholarship will in particular be eligible for candidates within disciplines such as social anthropology, sociology and media and communication studies, but students from other disciplines may also apply. The main requirement is that the project’s methodological approach is based upon ethnography and fieldwork. The three master projects are meant to provide a comparative perspective on OMEN’s empirical focus which is placed on developments within the Norwegian newspaper industry. Projects that plan to conduct fieldwork in media organizations outside of a Norwegian context will thus be prioritized.

Potential field sites include local newspapers, digital media channels, social media news distribution, or emerging platforms for the production and dissemination of media content. Primary requirements for subjects of study is that the chosen media organization is located outside of a Norwegian context, and that it represents either a new and innovative approach to news/media production and dissemination, or a well-established organization struggling to adjust to the new global media landscape.   

Approved applicants will be provided with a writing scholarship of NOK 25.000,-. The students will be invited to sit in the WRI/HiOA proximity during the thesis writing period. Involvement in OMEN’s project activities, such as seminars, workshops, publishing and public dissemination, is encouraged.

Based on OMEN’s time frame, we are primarily accepting applications from students who are planning to submit their thesis spring 2018. The thesis has to be written in English.

Contact to apply for this project.

Tags: Nordic Media, Sosialantropologi
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