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University Aula

A place for festive events, concerts and art, the University ceremonial hall, the Aula, is perhaps the university's most famous building.

Music in the Aula

UiO's most prestigious concert hall, the Aula stages some of the country's finest musical performers.

Edvard Munch

The 11 oil paintings in the University Aula are the only decorations by Munch still in their original context.

The University Aula is located in the middle building (Domus media) of the old campus in central Oslo. Both the Aula and the main square are frequently used for major academic and cultural events and festivities - of local, national or international importance. (© UiO/Francesco Saggio)

Event booking

If you wish to rent the University Aula for a special event, please send an e-mail to:

Visiting the Aula

Year round

The Aula is open during events and concerts. During normal circumstances, the Aula is open to the public on the first Saturday each month. This is temporarily postponed due to Covid-19.


The Aula is normally open to the public during the summer season.