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Anders Jahre's Awards for Medical Research

Anders Jahre's Awards for Medical Research honor research of outstanding quality in basic and clinical medicine. The prizes are awarded by the University of Oslo and are among the largest within Nordic biomedical research. The prize is awarded every year in October.

On 29 October 2020 two medical prizes will be awarded

  • The Anders Jahre Medical Prize for outstanding scientific activity or results within Nordic medicine. The prize amounts to NOK 1 000 000 (approximately €108200).
  • The Anders Jahre Medical Prize to young medical investigators within the Nordic countries. The candidate must be below the age of 40 by June 15, 2019. The prize amounts to NOK 400 000 (approximately €43300).

All professors of medicine serving in a Nordic country are invited to nominate potential awardees. Nominations must be in pdf and not exceed 3MB. They must be mailed to the secretary of the prize committee, Ingunn Rode Grorud,

  • The nominations must be received before 1 February 2020.

In order to be processed each nomination should be accompanied by

1) a thorough explanation of the reason that the nominee should be considered for the prize
2) a publication list covering the last 5 years (limited to publications with the nominee as corresponding author), as well as a list of up to 20 selected publications.
3) a curriculum vitae

The submitted material shall be in English.

Nominations that have been submitted in previous years shall be submitted again in order to be processed, and shall follow this year's submission format. The prize committee especially asks for your help in nominating candidates for the young investigator award. The prize is an important recognition and incentive for active scientists.


Nomination and general inquiries

The Selection Committee

The Award Ceremony

Public Relations Office

Gry Kolbjørnsen
Tel. +47 22 85 40 13

About the award

In 1953, Anders Jahre, a Norwegian shipowner, entrepreneur and philanthropist, donated one million Norwegian kroner to the University of Oslo, later followed by several additional endowments. These were used to establish the Anders Jahre Foundation for the Promotion of Science.

Previous prize winners

The Anders Jahre's Award for Medical Research was bestowed for the first time in 1960. Since 1965, the award has consisted of two prizes: a main prize and a prize for young scientists.