The University of Oslo's Human Rights Award 2018

This year's University of Oslo's Human Rights Award is awarded to professor Nora Sveaass, at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo.

Vinneren av UiOs menneskerettighetspris 2018, Nora Sveaass. Foto: Ola Sæther / UiO

Welcome to the Award Ceremony in Gamle festsal and a Reception in Domus Bibliotheca!

Programme for the Award Ceremony:

  • Rector Svein Stølen gives a welcome speech
  • Minister of Research and Higher Education Iselin Nybø will present the prize
  • Speech by Prize Winner Nora Sveaass
  • Speech by Asger Kjærum, Director of Advocacy at International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims
  • Music by Hanne Tveter Trio and Trond Sagbakken
  • Host: Aud Tønnessen

The event was held in Norwegian.

Portrait: Svein Stølen
Svein Stølen
Iselin Nybø
Portrait: Nora Sveaas
Nora Sveaass
Portrait: Asger Kjærum
Asger Kjærum
Portrait: Aud Tønnessen (Photo: UiO)
Aud Tønnessen

About this year's prize winner

portrett Nora Sveaass
Nora Sveaass Photo: Ola Sæther/UiO

Through a long career, Professor Nora Sveaass has worked with refugees, human rights violations and psychological consequences of this, as well as treatment and rehabilitation of people exposed to torture and other serious abuse, both nationally and internationally.

Nora Sveaass' achievements:

  • She contributed greatly to the establishment of a human rights committee in the Norwegian Psychology Association and has led this since its establishment in 1998.

  • She was a member of the UN Committee against Torture from 2005 to 2013, and is since 2014 a member of the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture.
  • She leads Health and Human Rights Info, a project aimed at communicating knowledge, guidelines and experiences to people who face human rights violations in connection with war, conflict and disaster (
  • She has developed a manual on working with women exposed to sexual violence in conflict.
  • She is the President of the Council of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee.

About this year's award:

The head of the prize committee and former director of the Center for Human Rights Ragnhild Hennum says that "Nora Sveaass is one of our foremost experts in torture and rehabilitation of victims of torture. The award committee is therefore very pleased to have found such a worthy winner of UiO’s Human Rights Prize”

About the prize:

  • It is awarded annually as a recognition of personal efforts and active involvement in one or more human rights areas, in the widest sense
  • The prize will be awarded in Domus Academica, Gamle Festsal, at the University of Oslo, Wednesday, December 5th at 6:00 pm, followed by a reception Domus Biblioteca
  • The winner receives 10,000 euros and a lithograph by Frans Widerberg.

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