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Ian Robert Horrocks

Ian Robert Horrocks is a new honorary doctorate at University of Oslo, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Picture of Ian Robert Horrocks.

Ian Robert Horrocks.

Ian Horrocks (born 1958) is a British computer scientist and logician, professor at the University of Oxford, and fellow of Oriel College. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society, a member of Academia Europaea, and a fellow of the European AI Society (ECCAI). His research concerns the digital representation of knowledge, and methods to manipulate such knowledge efficiently by computers.

He played a leading role in establishing the Semantic Web as a significant research field, by pioneering some of the central underlying logics,
algorithms, optimization techniques, and reasoning systems. These technologies are now becoming a part of modern Data Science and gaining wide industrial uptake. Ian Horrocks has actively supported the establishment of the data science group at the Department of Informatics. He was also instrumental in attracting the large EU project Optique, that was coordinated by the Department, as well as the SIRIUS centre for research based innovation.

Presented by Dean Morten Dæhlen

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