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Ole-Johan Dahls hus

Address: Gaustadalléen 23B


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  • In general: The building has ten floors. Floor 1–3 are accessible to the public. The remaining floors are accessible to UiO employees using their access card. The building has four sections: A, B, C, and D (the high-rise).
  • Parking: Five public short-term parking spaces by the south end of the building. The parking facilities in the basement include six disabled parking spaces.
  • Entryway: The building has two main entrances. Both have revolving doors with switches to regulate the speed. Next to the revolving doors are regular doors with automated door openers. Width: 120 cm.
    • The main entrance to the lobby (section A) is on street level from the square. Entrance from Gaustadalleen.
    • The main entrance to the high rise (section D) is on the second floor – access across the footbridge from the Science Park metro and tram station.
  • Lifts: The building has seven lifts. The control panels have Braille keys. Door widths: 90 cm.
  • Doors: The doors in the building have automated door openers.
  • HC-WC: There are two accessible toilets on the first floor. Second and third floor have three accessible toilets each.
  • Lecture rooms: All lecture rooms have AV equipment. The first two rows in the large auditorium (Simula) are equipped with induction loop.
  • Rest rooms: One rest room with general access on the third floor, section C, room number 3241.


Built in:

Gaustadalléen 23B

Gross area:
28.317 m2

Operations area:

Building number:



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