Cooperation with business and society in South Africa

UiO collaborates with different partners from business and society in addition to the South African universities. These include hospitals, dental clinics and other public bodies.

Photo: Alvar Braathen, UiO.

Carbon capture and storage

The UiO Department of Geosciences cooperates with the University of Pretoria and South African Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage (SACCCS) to build competency in the area of carbon capture and storage. Professor Henning Dypvik and professor Alvar Braathen are the coordinators from UiO. The new capacity connects to the existing cooperation between South Africa's leading energy company Sasol and the Technological Centre at Mongstad (TCM) in Norway. More info in a news article from the Research Council of Norway (2016).

Social entrepreneurship

The UiO Centre for Entrepreneurship has a 30 ECTS specialization in social entrepreneurship. Students in this programme spend 10-12 weeks in South Africa. They get lectures and supervision from the University of Cape Town, but they work four days a week as interns in social mission-driven ventures.


UiO dentistry students in South Africa receive training in dental clinics both directly connected to UWC and community clinics such as Guguletu Community Dental Clinic. The Norwegian students are exposed to types of cases that are very rare in Norway.

Norwegian dentistry student at the Guguletu Community Dental Clinic in South Africa. Photo: Ole Rasmus Theisen


Published Apr. 25, 2016 4:57 PM - Last modified June 8, 2016 7:09 PM