The University of Oslo Sasakawa Young Leaders Scholarship Fund (SYLFF)

The  University of Oslo Sasakawa Young Leaders Scholarship Fund was established at the University of Oslo in 1988 with the gift of USD 1 mill. from the Nippon Foundation's Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (SYLFF).


SYLFF was established in 1987 to support graduate students in fields falling within the parameters of the social sciences, humanities, and the performing arts. Endowments of $1 million each were provided to 69 universities and consortia in 44 countries. These endowments are invested to produce revenue for the provision of fellowships at each institution. Fellowships are awarded to postgraduate students selected by each endowed institution. “Sylff fellows” are selected not only for their academic achievements but for their potential as socially engaged future leaders.

The University of Oslo Sasakawa Young Leaders Scholarship Fund (SYLFF)

Scholarships are offered twice annually, through calls at Unifor and aim at stimulating international dialogue and understanding. Funds of up to NOK 50 000,- per applicant may be applied for to contribute to covering costs related to a research stay abroad for selected UiO post-graduate students, primarily candidates at the PhD level within the areas of Humanities,Social Sciences, Law, Education and Theology. Excellent Masters'-level applicants may also be considered. 

Successful applicants become Sylff Fellows. Sylff Fellows are eligible to apply to Sylff Support programs aiming to facilitate Sylff fellows’ academic advancement, leadership development and networking among one another. Sylff Fellows may apply directly through the Tokyo Foundation.

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