Joint, double and multiple degrees

International joint, double or multiple degree programmes are programmes of study offered jointly or in collaboration by universities in different countries.

UiO offers a range of excellent programmes and aims to develop more programmes with our international partners.

Why and how?

Joint, double and multiple degree programmes represent close collaboration between the institutions, and allow for a leveraging of complementarities in research and educational strengths across the universities that take part. Students usually move between the universities to complete different parts of the programme. This gives the students an insight into different approaches to study, and exposure to a greater variety of perspectives, study environments, teaching and learning styles.

As such programmes can be complicated to set up, international joint, double and multiple degrees usually spring from already established cooperation in education and/or research between academics at UiO and the partner university. UiO has developed a set of guiding principles for setting up joint degrees, emphasising quality, added value, sustainability and joint involvement of the department, faculty and institutional level. Please contact your partners at UiO directly if you are interested in exploring this further.

Joint, double and multiple degrees offered at UiO

Master’s level

International Computer Technology Law (double degree)

  • Faculty of Law
  • Partner: Leibniz University Hannover

Religious Roots of Europe, Nordic Master Programme

  • Faculty of Theology
  • Partners: University of Aarhus, University of Copenhagen, University of Helsinki, University of Lund, University of Bergen

Special and Inclusive Education, Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree

  • Faculty of Education
  • Partners: University of Roehampton, Charles University Prague

Viking and Medieval Norse Studies, Nordic Master Programme

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Partners:  University of Iceland

European Master in Health Economics and Management

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Partners: Erasmus Rotterdam, MCI Innsbruck og Bologna

Chinese Society and Politics (double degree)

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Partner: Zheijiang University (in cooperation with the Universities of  Aarhus and Copenhagen)

Biodiversity and Biodynamics (NABIS), Nordic Master Programme

  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Partners: University of Gothenburg, University of Lund, University of Stockholm, University of Uppsala, University of Aarhus

Linguistics and its Applications for a Multilingual Society (LAMUSO), (double degree)

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Partner : Université Cahtolique de Louvain

North Sea Energy Law (experience based joint degree)

  • Faculty of Law
  • Partners: University of Groningen, University of Aberdeen

Master on Education Policies for Global Development (GLOBED) Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree

  • Faculty of Education
  • Partners: Autonomous University of  Barcelona, University of Malta, University of Amsterdam

Doctorate level


  • Faculty of Law
  • Partners: University of Tilburg, University of Edinburgh, University of Tartu, University of Deusto, Nort-West University (South Africa)
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