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Most exams at UiO in the spring of 2021 will take place with alternative forms of assessment and home exams. Some exams are held in Silurveien, where there are good infection control routines.

Infection control measures in Silurveien

UiO has introduced several infection control measures in Silurveien. Learn more about these measures and instructions regarding school exams in Silurveien for spring 2021.

Students in at-risk groups

Students in at-risk groups for contracting Covid-19 can contact their faculty for guidance. Providing documentation, you can also apply for special examination arrangements.

Sickness or suspected sickness

If you are experiencing symptoms of respiratory infection, suspect that you could be infected with Covid-19, feel ill or are quarantined, you must stay at home and submit a sickness self-declaration. You do not need to attach any further documentation.

In the event of sickness or other reasons that will prevent you from going to through with your exams, you will be given an approved note of absence. With an approved reason for absence, you do not use an examination attempt, and you can apply for a postponed examination or an extended submission deadline.

Read more about illness at exams.

Published Oct. 28, 2020 6:40 PM - Last modified Jan. 20, 2021 2:19 PM