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All lectures will remain digital for the rest of this semester

In order to ensure predictability for students and staff, UiO has decided that ordinary lectures and teaching will remain digital through the end of this semester.

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- We do not know what situation we will find ourselves in this spring when it comes to the coronavirus epidemic. In order to ensure predictability for students and staff, we have decided that lectures and teaching will remain digital until the summer, said Arne Benjaminsen, University Director at the University of Oslo.

Thursday 2 April, the Centre for Learning, Innovation & Academic Development is arranging a webinar on how to activate and engage students in digital environments

Log on to watch recorded lectures

As of this week, all schedules are updated with information on digital teaching. Some have links to Canvas, others to Zoom or to recorded lectures. Students will receive a notification in their schedule, telling them to log on to see links with access-limited content, such as recorded lectures and other videos.

The notification can be found in all schedules for subject fields at all faculties, with the exception of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, where recorded lectures are openly available. All videos are also visible through the schedule in My Studies.

Respective faculties and institutes will provide information about exams and deadlines for submitting master theses.

Security aspects of the new digital solutions

Now that many are working or studying from home and have started to use some of the new digital tools and services, USIT has compiled some points on information security in general and on the video tool Zoom in particular.

Please refer to the webpage on safety tips for working from home (in Norwegian) or the webpage with Q&A and good advice on security when using Zoom.

External financing of research

The coronavirus situation may have consequences for externally financed projects. Please refer to the webpage providing advice for project leads and partners.

Published Apr. 1, 2020 7:12 PM - Last modified Apr. 3, 2020 5:11 PM