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Continued restrictive access to UiO's buildings

On 7 april, the Norwegian Government announced adjustments to the corona measures which continue to entail a restrictive practice of access to the University's buildings to prevent the spread of infection. As a rule, employees and students must work from home and teaching is provided digitally throughout the semester.

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In a meeting with the sector on Thursday, 26 March, the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research stated that it is up to the individual educational institution to assess the extent to which students and staff should be given limited access to buildings in the future - provided this is done within the framework of advice and guidance from Norwegian health authorities, and provided the guidance that those who can work from home, do so.

UiO has started the planning of providing limited access for fellows and staff to conduct critical research that depends on access to laboratories, technical infrastructure and archives.

The faculties are asked to consider any access strictly. The principles and criteria to be used for this assessment are outlined in the news article Limited access to UiO's buildings.

Managers at units are responsible for practicing infection prevention measures in accordance with advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health ( (Norwegian).

Adjusted corona measures

On 7 April, the Norwegian Government adjusted the corona measures, allowing students who are at the end of their degree studies to gain access to their educational institution from 27 April. It is emphasised that UiO's staff and students will, as a general rule, still work from home unless they are specifically requested to come to UiO's buildings by their immediate manager or teacher. Teaching will be provided digitally throughout the semester.

–We have asked the faculties to carry out risk assessments and consider who should be allowed access to conduct critical research, prevent significant delay in research processes and at the same time comply with the infection control rules, says University Director Arne Benjaminsen at the University of Oslo.

Published Apr. 8, 2020 10:12 AM - Last modified Apr. 29, 2020 8:23 AM