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Deadlines extended, support to the hospital, and digital help

EU extends deadlines for Horizon 2020 calls with original deadlines between now and 15 April. UiO delivers personnel and infection control equipment to the hospitals. We are working hard to set up alternative forms of examination and on Friday a digital course help desk will open for lecturers.

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EU extends deadlines for Horizon 2020 calls

For Horizon 2020 calls with original deadlines between now and 15 April, extensions will be applied. The precise new deadline for each call and topic is published on the call and topic pages on the Funding and Tenders Portal (

Personnel and infection control equipment to the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør-Øst)

The University of Oslo is assisting Helse Sør-Øst in this demanding situation and contributing with personnel, services, and infection control equipment. 

The Faculty of Medicine works closely with Oslo University Hospital and is cooperating in regards to infection control equipment in this situation where staff and students will work at the hospital.

The clinics at the Faculty of Dentistry, with personnel and equipment,  have been made available for Helse Sør-Øst as a "special hospital" for oral and jaw surgery.

UiO is in dialogue with Helse Sør-Øst about our infection control equipment and we are now going through our inventories for transfer to Helse Sør-Øst. We have a significant number of disposable gloves, disposable lab coats, masks, goggles, alcohol pads, antibac, disposable sleeves etc.

Our digital course effort 

On Friday, 20 March, at 0800 our new help desk for IT support will open, with new web pages with educational tools and tutorials for lecturers to teach courses digitally. The help desk will provide telephone support, mail support and remote control over PC. The possibility and need for chat and support via video will be considered continuously. 

Public defence: viva voce

As of Monday, 23 March, we will establish an online, digital public defences solution. In this way the public defense (viva voce) will meet requirements for transparency and maintain the possibility for the public to ask questions. There will be clear rules for infection control.

Who can I talk to if I'm worried?

In the question and answer section a point has been added to students and staff about whom to contact if you are worried. You can also check the contact guide.

Buildings and grounds

Our buildings are now closed to students. The buildings are open to staff who must be physically present to maintain essential functions. We are considering which buildings can be completely closed and which must remain open. There are new routines for mail and courier services.

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