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UiO planning for digital teaching in fall semester

Norwegian health authorities warn that there will likely be various forms of corona measures in place throughout 2020. This will affect how many people can gather in groups. The University of Oslo is therefore planning for digital teaching in fall as well.

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The University of Oslo usually greets all new students with a traditional Welcome Ceremony at the University Square. This fall the University is planning for digital teaching, and most likely also another kind of Welcome Ceremony. Photo: Francesco Saggio / UiO

– Based on signals from the health authorities, and to provide predictability for students and staff, we are now asking the faculties to plan for digital teaching in fall as well. Depending on how the corona situation develops and if we are allowed some teaching on campus, we may gradually move into a combination of digital and regular teaching, said Svein Stølen, Rector at the University of Oslo.

Digital master studies in English

The faculties are asked to facilitate for the digitalisation of master studies in English.

– Information will be provided to potential international students so that they know what kind of studies we have to offer them at UiO in fall 2020, said Stølen.

Planning for exams

Online resource pages have been developed regarding alternative forms of assessment in lieu of school exams. (in Norwegian. We are currently translating)

Start of the semester

The University Management is working together with the faculties on how we can receive new students in these very challenging times.

– We are looking into how we ensure that they are received as well as possible. It is very important for us to make sure that they feel met and taken care of, and that they get to know the digital environments we are working within. We will return with more information for these students, said Stølen.

Resource pages for pedagogical teaching methods

As an assistance to faculties, a new website presenting pedagogical advice for digital teaching has been developed by LINK and KURT.

Published Apr. 21, 2020 9:11 AM - Last modified June 22, 2020 10:25 AM