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Helpdesk and guidance for digital teaching

Friday, 20 March, the University of Oslo is opening a Helpdesk for digital services for students and staff.

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Several units and teachers are already well underway to offering digital solutions. An overview of technical solutions and educational guides is found on the digital teaching webpages (Norwegian).

Helpdesk for digital services

The Helpdesk for digital services (Norwegian) opens at 08.00 CET and provides personal guidance through phone and PC remote control. 

The Helpdesk can provide anything from frontline technical assistance to more advanced guidance in the use of tools such as Zoom, Canvas and Recording Lectures, to a third line giving advice on how to make a pedagogically sound educational package.

The Helpdesk has extended opening hours from 07.00-20.00 during the week and 10.00-16.00 the next two weekends (21-22. March and 28.-29. March).

- The University is mobilising all its force to ensure a huge boost for digital education. This is demanding for many subject fields and teachers, but I am most impressed by what has already been rolled out. Now we hope that the helpdesk and good guidance will enable even more subject fields to offer digital teaching, said Rector Svein Stølen.

Intense efforts across the whole university

The digital boost is lead by Dean Morten Dæhlen at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Dean Sten Runar Ludvigsen at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, with great involvement from many academic communities.

- We would like to thank contributors from all over the University of Oslo for their efforts. It has been a pleasure to coordinate the work. We would especially like to highlight USIT, employees from local IT groups and administrations, communication workers at all levels, as well as teachers and units with high knowledge of digital teaching, said Dæhlen.

Both he and Ludvigsen look forward to all teaching at UiO becoming digital.

- Everyone involved will have many new experiences and develop new knowledge about digital teaching and learning. It will be exciting to see, said Ludvigsen.

No exams in Silurveien in spring 2020

UiO has decided that there will be no written exams in Silurveien in spring 2020. The decision has been made now to ensure predictability for students and teachers.

The faculties are well underway when it comes to developing alternative forms of exams. It is a goal to implement exams during the same time period as originally planned. There may be variations in types of evaluation.

Practical information about specific exams will be published on My Studies and the various subject pages. Students in need of information must keep updated through these channels.

Digital disputations

As of Monday, we are establishing a digital solution for disputations. The disputation will be conducted by using the digital tool Zoom, and will safeguard the demand for openness and the possibility for participants to ask questions, either in written form via chat or orally.

Rehearsal sessions 48 hours before the disputation will be obligatory, candidates can choose between conducting the trial lecture live or through a recording. The project is lead by Dean of Research Solveig Kristiansen from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

A newly formed digital disputations group consisting of representatives from the PhD group and the IT group at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and USIT will assist in conducting the disputation, both in terms of technical equipment and requirements for procedure.

Published Mar. 20, 2020 8:03 AM - Last modified Apr. 24, 2020 2:46 PM