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Policy for extension for doctoral research fellows

UiO university management has prepared a policy in collaboration with UiB, NTNU and UiT for handling possible extensions for doctoral research fellows.

Due to special circumstances because of the coronavirus and the consequences it has for working conditions, a policy fitted to UiO has been drawn up to handle possible extension for doctoral research fellows.

–Doctoral research fellows are a particularly vulnerable group in that they are in a research training course that has its own framework for employment conditions. UiO will consider extensions for doctoral research fellows if they have been genuinely hindered in their research progression as a result of the coronavirus measures,” says Rector Svein Stølen. 

Individual assessment 

Since the doctoral fellows have different research tasks and are in different parts of their research training course, extensions must be considered after a specific and individual assessment. It must be shown that research progress has been significantly hindered. 

The faculties consider whether extensions are granted 

The appointing authority (at the faculty / institute or equivalent level) determines the extension based on application from the doctoral research fellows. Elements to consider are:

  • To what extent have the fellows actually been delayed in their work as a result of the coronavirus situation?
  • The significance of the delay for the completion of the doctorate and how imminent the final date for completion is.
  • The nature of the research education/project, whether the research education is theoretical, empirical and / or experimental. What access is required to laboratories, fieldwork, premises, equipment and the like. 
  • Other special factors which cause significant delay and which are outside the fellow’s responsibility and control, for example that supervisor(s) are delayed in giving necessary feedback. 

Caregiving tasks 

An extension based on the new policy will be added to the doctoral research fellow's right to extensions in accordance with statutory and tariff regulations. For example, if fellows care for children that prevent work at home from being carried out because of closed kindergartens and schools, these fellows will get an extension when the total leave of absence is ten or more working days. During this period, UiO will not require the absence to be continuous. 

Does the policy also apply to postdoctoral research fellows?

The question of whether extensions can be given to postdoctoral research fellows on the same basis as for doctoral research fellows, is being considered by the Ministry of Education and Research.

Application process

The faculties will provide information on how to apply for an extension.

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Published Apr. 6, 2020 2:17 PM - Last modified Apr. 24, 2020 2:54 PM