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Study life

UiO wants to help you have an efficient and good study life during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have therefore gathered some information that may be useful to you, and some contact points for help in your everyday life.

Physical teaching in smaller groups

The faculties can plan for physical teaching in groups of up to 20 people as of Monday 1 March. Attendance on campus is allowed for students who need access in connection with trials or skills training. Keep updated through Canvas and My Studies for information on teaching. 

All other teaching is digital.

  • Canvas – digital teaching, messages and dialogue with the subject teacher
  • Mine studier – messages from Canvas, course and study programs all gathered in one place. Here you will also find your schedule.

Library and reading rooms

Students will have access to the university buildings as of 18 February with a card and code. Reading room seats and colloquium rooms must be booked in advance. 

It will also be possible to book reading room seats and colloquium rooms at Chateau Neuf. They will be available from Thursday 18 February on all weekdays from 09.30 to 20.00. Reading room seats are allocated upon attendance, while colloquium rooms must be booked in advance by e-mail (no later than 17.00 the day before you need the colloquium room).

Study efficiently from home

Check out some specific advice on what you and your colloquium group can do:

Library, Helpdesk and information centres

The libraries are open, but the readingrooms are closed. We can also provide assistance through digital channels when you are at home studying:

Someone to talk to

Covid-19 affects studies, work, friendship, love and everything else that has a place in your life, and it is natural needing to share your thoughts and concerns. Studentsamskipnaden SiO has several services if you need someone to talk to, and so do The University Chaplaincy.

If you are someone who tends to dwell on the current situation or worry a lot, we also have advice on how to increase the amount of positive activities in your everyday life.

Stay in touch with other students

Even if you do not meet your fellow students physically, you can support each other academically and socially online. Use the tools we have to stay in touch with each other: Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Office 365.

Make use of SiO's services

SiO has several services free of charge that can help you have a varied and efficient everyday life:

Information to students from the faculties

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