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Travel and quarantine

For staff: UiO adheres to the guidelines of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, and until 15 January 2021 advises against travels that are not strictly necessary. Quarantine requirements upon entering the country have become stricter.

Quarantine when entering Norway

International employees who, according to plan, were to take up their positions these days must comply with current Norwegian entry restrictions ( The government has closed the border for foreign citizens without a residence permit in Norway. They are expelled at the border pursuant to the Infection Control Act.

Corona test will be mandatory for travelers to Norway. Children under 12 do not need to be tested. The test obligation is in addition to the requirement for a negative test before entry, entry registration and quarantine obligation.


Travellers arriving in Norway from abroad, with the exception of given areas (, must enter home quarantine for 10 days, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. Foreign travellers must present a negative Covid-19 test before entry. Travellers must also must be able to present documentation at the border in the form of a booking or lease. The residence in question must be private; i.e. you cannot share a kitchen and/or bathroom with people who are not amongst your close contacts. Collective living quarters will not be approved quarantine housing. Foreign travellers without permanent residence in Norway must be quarantined in so-called quarantine hotels.

There are certain exceptions from the travel quarantine when crossing borders between countries in the Nordic region and Norway in connection with work. If you plan to move to Norway to take up a position at UiO, this must be done in close consultation with your employer.

Travel in connection with work

UiO adheres to the guidelines of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, and until 15 January 2021 advises against travels that are not strictly necessary. Unnecessary domestic travel in connection with work should also be avoided.

All travel must be pre-approved by your line manager.

Stay updated on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel information ( – Norwegian) and information from the National Institute of Public Health, and assess the situation in the country you plan to travel to.

Employees who are travelling are asked to contact a travel company to book the trip, as well as contacting their insurance company with regard to covering the cost of tickets. The Norwegian embassies ( or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Operational Centre ( can be contacted for assistance. UiO covers travel costs for return travel if this is not covered by other arrangements.

Privat travel

Employees planning a private trip abroad that may affect their work situation when returning to Norway, must discuss this with their line manager.

If you are considering returning to Norway now, discuss the situation with your line manager. Follow the advice provided by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( Norwegian Embassy (, and local authorities in the country where you are staying.

Cancellation of travels and events

Terms for refunds will depend on whether you paid your stay/journey by credit card or invoice. The following terms and conditions apply for full or partial refunds:

Cancellation of hotel accommodations and conferences

  • If you have booked a hotel accommodation or conference directly to the hotel via the procurement system PM, the person who made the procurement, or your local purchasing officer, should notify the hotel directly. Egencia should not be notified. The cost should be covered by the paying unit, i.e. the unit to where the invoice would have been addressed. Check the hotel's own website for latest updates on their cancellation policy. According to Egencia, many hotels have introduced flexible policies due to the current situation. 
  • If you have booked your hotel via Egencia, you can cancel your booking by calling +47-51444438 or send an e-mail to

Cancelling flights

  • If you have paid your travel with a credit cardUiO's credit card provider must be contacted. UiO has travel insurance included in its card. Travel where a minimum of 50 percent has been paid with this card is covered by this insurance. You can direct your refund request to Egencia, either by calling  +47-51444438 or sending an e-mail to In some instances, and depending on the airline's conditions, it is possible to cancel your travel via your own profile. 
  • If you have booked your travel with an invoice profile, you can receive a partial refund. UiO is a self-insurer and must cover expenses from cancellations. However, we can be reimbursed for taxes and fees, and any other expenses, depending on the type of ticket. Egencia will issue a credit note for this amount, but the paying unit will be responsible for the remaining cost. Egencia will assist in clarifying which part of the ticket is refundable. Inform Egencia of cancellations via the following channels:
  • If you have covered costs related to your own business trips which have now been canceled, you can have these costs reimbursed by following normal reimbursement routines.
  • Also remember that you can find updated information on your Egencia profile ( in regards to the latest news and the different contact points for inquiries to the travel agency.​

Cancelling services

The Procurement Office has received many questions about what rules apply when UiO cancels services due to the special situation associated with Covid-19. It is impossible to give a short answer covering all of UiO's procurement contracts, but some guidelines have been prepared that can be helpful in assessing specific issues (Norwegian).

Foreign employees who want to travel to their home country

If you are a UiO employee with foreign citizenship, who in the current situation wants to return to your home country, you should enter into a dialogue with your line manager about this. In addition, you should contact the authorities in your home country. Your country's embassy in Norway can help you with more information.

Local authorities can continuously introduce travel restrictions or other measures such as quarantine. You should familiarise yourself with current entry regulations for the country you are going to travel to. The situation changes quickly, and it is therefore important that you examine all relevant conditions carefully.

Contact Egencia

If travellers need to contact Egencia and their travel is not affected by the current situation, or if travel dates are not in the immediate future, they are encouraged to get in touch with Egencia via e-mail:

A slightly longer case processing time must be expected.

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