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Policy for risk management within HSE

The University shall provide a fulfilling and satisfactory working environment for its staff and educational environment for students, be a proactive, inclusive and learning organisation, provide accessible, functional and safe buildings, and act responsibly towards the external environment.


The University's HSE targets are to be achieved by the use of risk management, good management, good working practices and adequate training.

The University will work to actively identify relevant HSE risks through continuous improvement, the practice of clear leadership and the involvement of the staff.

Work organisation

The University shall have a sufficient number of policies and common procedures at institution level.

Each unit must develop appropriate local procedures on the basis of HSE objectives, policies and local risk factors for ensuring implementation of the HSE system. Safety representatives and the working environment committees (WEC/LWEC) should be involved. Managers at all levels are responsible for ensuring that procedures are known and followed. Individual staff and students are responsible for following procedures.

Risk assessment

Risk assessments should be made at all unit levels and within all HSE fields. Depending on the risk level, risk assessments should be carried out down to the procedure level at which the risk comes under control.

Risk assessments shall be made in writing and archived. Risk assessments must be reviewed regularly.


Managers, safety representatives, members of working environment committees, local HSE and radiation protection coordinators and individual staff shall receive training tailored to their needs. Students must also be trained in HSE, especially related to fire prevention, field work, practical work and laboratory work.


Work on risk management is reported to the unit's board and relevant working environment committee.


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