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Procedure for appointment of local radiation protection coordinator


To ensure that a local radiation protection coordinator is appointed where needed, and receives a function description.

Range of application

Applies to all units at the University working with radiation sources.


Management is responsible for ensuring that this procedure is followed.


  • Local radiation protection coordinators should be appointed by the management.
  • Everyone should be made aware of who is their local radiation protection coordinator

Definition of role

A local radiation protection coordinator represents the management in HSE matters and cannot therefore also be a safety or employee representative. When a local radiation protection coordinator has been appointed, the manager will be responsible for preparing an instruction/job description for that person.

Factors that should be considered in the function description:

  • What part of the organisation the local radiation protection coordinator has responsibilities for
  • Who the local radiation protection coordinator will report to. E.g., the manager, local HSE coordinator etc.
  • Tasks associated with the role, e.g.:
    • Following up internal tasks such as:
      • logging the use of sources in the laboratory (purchasing and disposal)
      • following up reports of adverse events and deviations
      • keeping track of completed training (three-day course for working with open radioactive sources, equipment-specific training, etc.)
      • follow-up dosimetry when ionising radiation is used
      • contamination checks when ionising radiation is used
    • Development and implementation of local procedures with other users, for example:
      • local procedures for training
      • local procedures for waste management
    • Completion of risk assessments with other users
    • Annual reporting
  • Percentage of working hours used for the role


When there is a change of local radiation protection coordinator, the manager should inform the central radiation protection coordinator in the HSE team in Organisational and Personnel Dept.


Managers are responsible for archiving the function description job instructions in personnel folders.


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