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Disposal of radioactive waste procedure


To ensure that radioactive waste is handled properly and delivered to the right waste supplier.

Range of application

This procedure applies to all units at the University that generate radioactive waste.


Unit managers are responsible for ensuring this procedure is followed and the development of appropriate local policy.


Requirements for waste room

The waste room must be locked, and a record kept of who has access to the room. The entrance must be marked with signs warning of ionising radiation. The waste room must be shielded so that the radiation level on the outside does not exceed 7.5 μSv/h. The room should always contain:

  • an updated list of the radioactive waste with Nuclides, activity, quantity, date and sender of the waste.
  • gloves
  • list of the contamination checks made and how

Apparatus for measuring the radiation level in the room/detecting contamination must be available. The waste must be shielded so that anyone entering the waste room is not exposed to unnecessary radiation.

Waste preparation

Waste shall be packaged in containers that hold the contents. Old glass bottles may be used. Containers must be packed so that they are protected against impact. Waste shall be clearly marked with the contents (chemical, biological and nuclear data).

Ordering collection

Radioactive waste shall be delivered to the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) annually. If necessary, waste can be delivered more often.

Contact at the IFE is Trond Bøe, telephone 60806294. He can be contacted for guidance in filling out forms and agreements for the collection of waste.

If you have any questions concerning the cost of collection, contact Mail Services and Printing.


Managers are responsible for the development of local procedures for handling radioactive waste in laboratories.


Managers are responsible for the amount of waste generated (Nuclide, weight, activity) being reported each year by 15 February to the HSE Unit who report to the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA). The data shall be summarised per institute/museum.

Managers are responsible for the disposal of sealed radioactive sources that are subject to a notification obligation according to the radiation protection regulations to the HSE Unit's central radiation protection coordinator.


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