Preparing for a new language

An inspiring way to prepare for your move to Norway is to familiarize yourself with the Norwegian language. There are many ways of doing this. Which path of action serves your needs and ambitions best depends on the available amount of time and resources.


  • If you wish to receive formal Norwegian language instruction prior to your departure, we recommend you contact the Norwegian Embassy or Consulate General in your country of residence ( for information on providers of language courses and private tutors.
  • If your stay at UiO is scheduled to start in the autumn term (August), you might consider taking an intensive Norwegian class at UiO's International Summer School.
  • For Norwegian language courses and resources availble during your stay at UiO, please consult the webpage on language courses.
  • Self-learners might enjoy Klar tale (, Norway's easy-to-read Norwegian newspaper.
  • Aftenposten, Norway's largest printed newspaper, has a special weekly edition for kids and teenagers Aftenposten Junior ( Once your kid has a basic knowledge of Norwegian, this paper might do a lot to support its language learning and integration process – and maybe yours as well!
Easy-to-read Klar tale provides Norwegian news and boosts your language skills.
The weekly Aftenposten Junior is popular with 9-15 year-olds.

Online courses

Online exercises of Norwegian textbooks

Lykke til! - Good luck!

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