Moving to Oslo

For longer-term stays you might consider moving belongings to Norway. This requires planning and consideration of available options, prices, estimates and pertaining import regulations. Here are some tips to get you started.

Options for moving goods

You may choose to send your belongings as freight by air, sea or road. Most airlines offer a service for transport of personal belongings. Transport by road or sea is often cheaper than by air.

If your employer covers moving expenses, you should check whether there are any rules about obtaining price estimates from several companies, as well as what documentation you need to keep and send to your employer.

Finding a moving company

If you do not want to organise the move yourself, you can use an international moving company. There are many companies operating in this field and you should spend some time to find the right company for you. Prices can vary a lot from one company to the next so it is worth the effort to compare.

It is a good idea to choose companies that have a base in or an affiliation with the country you are moving from or to. Here are links to some international moving companies:

Most moving companies offer price estimates free of charge

Calculating the volume of goods to be moved

An important criterion for estimating the moving costs of your goods is their volume in number of cubic metres (m³). Here are some examples of estimates:

  • 1 shelf metre of books = approx. 0.1 m³ (about one cardboard box)
  • 1 corner sofa = approx. 2.5 m³
  • 2-room apartment (40-70 m²) = approx. 20-25 m³

Do you need a moving insurance?

We recommend that you purchase a separate moving insurance (transport insurance). Moving companies often have limited responsibility and household goods insurances and normal travel insurances do not cover the moving of goods. You may obtain a moving insurance through the moving company or from your regular insurance company.

Do you have to pay import duties?

In all likelihood, you may bring your household goods duty-free to Norway. However, for pertaining conditions please check the information on import of household goods ( provided by the Norwegian Customs Authorities.

When bringing a car

Special regulations apply to the import of cars.

When bringing a pet

If you intend to bring a pet, you must contact the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and check which requirements and restrictions apply (

Useful maps and directions upon arrival in Oslo

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