Accompanied by partner

If your partner will be accompanying you to Norway, finding meaningful occupation for your partner will be instrumental for the success of your stay. Depending on personal circumstances this might involve further education, starting or continuing a professional career, getting involved in charity work and, most importantly, creating a supportive social network. Here we offer some specific advice on helpful steps to take.

Dual career advice

Career counseling

NAV, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, is engaged in a cooperation within the European Economic Area (EEA) - EURES (EURopean Employment Services). For counseling on job opportunities in Norway, you should ask for an appointment with an adviser at the NAV EURES office in Oslo (, or attend one of their regular meetings on Fridays.

Job vacancies

Norwegian language skills

Most jobs in Norway require a good knowledge of the Norwegian language. UiO offers tailor-made language courses to its international community, including accompanying partners and spouses. An overview of the large range of language and culture course possibilities available, both in and outside the University, can be found at language and culture courses.

Recommended reading

Recommended networking

Networking and personal recommendations lead to many jobs for Norwegians, which can make it difficult for foreigners with few connections to penetrate the job market. This seeming disadvantage can be overcome, however, through the use of online resources and networking organizations. In particular, we can recommend the following:



Recognition of qualifications

General recognition

The general recognition of foreign higher education qualifications in Norway means that:

  • The qualifications are considered wholly or partially equivalent to Norwegian higher education
  • An assessment is also made of the extent to which it is equivalent, in terms of years of study and ECTS credits, to a Norwegian qualification
  • General recognition may also result in recognition of foreign higher education as equivalent to a Norwegian Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education ( processes applications for general recognition of foreign higher education.

Specific recognition

Subject specific recognition involves recognition of foreign education on the basis of the specific subjects, degrees and professional programmes offered at a relevant institution of higher education in Norway. Each institution decides whether the foreign education meets their specific requirements for the scope and depth of the subject or the degree. This type of recognition is relevant when applying for admission to further studies or credit transfer and takes place at the academic institution in question.

Professional recognition/authorization

Professional recognition is necessary if you wish to practice a profession that is legally regulated in Norway. This is determined on a case by case basis by a licensing authority.

Visa & permits

Immigration information pertaining to accompanying family members is provided in the Visa & permits section.

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