Open a bank account

Opening a bank account should be one of your top priorities upon arrival in Norway, especially if your stay exceeds six months. Access to a Norwegian bank account will enable you to receive salary payments and handle your finances in a safe and efficient way.

How to open a bank account

  • In Norway, anyone can open a deposit account and use the bank’s payment system. Wage earners must usually open a salary account/current account into which their salary is paid. There are also other types of accounts, e.g. various types of savings accounts or investment accounts with varying interest rates depending on the amount deposited.
  • To open a bank account in Norway you need a national identity number (permanent or temporary) ( which you obtain when finalising your permit upon arrival. Note that the case processing time for national identity numbers is about two weeks, provided you have completed the EU/EEA registration or visa/residence permit process.
  • Bring the following documents to the branch of the bank you wish to open an account:
    • National ID number
    • Passport
    • Passport photo
    • Employment contract

Choosing a bank

Largest banks in Norway

Banks in Oslo offering tailored services for foreign workers

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Published Nov. 20, 2017 3:23 PM - Last modified Feb. 7, 2020 4:56 PM